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CLASS TITLE: Color 'Tangle' Design (Watercolors AND Ink or Markers)


Instructor: Maxine Nodel

Date: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Time: Zoom online class 10:00am - 11:30am

​Cost: $20  

Classes are non-refundable

​Class Description

This workshop teaches artists to expand their drawing and design skills and repertoire by combining various media including pencil, color pencil, wet-on-wet and dry brush watercolor, ink, and collage.

This interactive online session consists of a live demo, time to work virtually together or alone, following by a voluntary art share and critique.

All levels are welcome

Required Materials

Vellum Drawing Paper & Watercolor Paper Drawing Paper, #2 Pencil or Lighter,  Black 01 Micron Markers, Drawing Board (or Big Book), Eraser, Sharpener, Shading Stumps (or Q-Tips/Tissues), Ruler


Contact Maxine Nodel at

About the instructor:

Maxine Nodel is a versatile artist who received her B.F.A. from the Cooper Union. In addition to the National Art League, she is a member of the Salmagundi Club in NYC and the recipient of numerous art awards. Maxine sells her work nationally and internationally and exhibits in a variety of venues. Currently, she is in an online exhibition (The Absence of Color) sponsored by the New Rochelle Council on the Arts: - In 2018, Maxine was invited by the Edward Hopper House to give a public art talk about her design-based drawings. In 2014, Maxine was highlighted in the Nyack, NY Artist’s Index: when she was named Artist of the Month at the Edward Hopper House.

Maxine enjoys creating traditional and design-based drawings, as well as Impressionistic landscapes. Maxine’s “drawings are deeply personal with a focus on the nuanced beauty found in form, light and shadow, and patterns found in nature.” She works primarily in oil, acrylic, graphite, and ink.

Maxine currently teaches Drawing and Design (Wednesday at 9:30am) and Acrylic/Oil painting (Tuesday at 1pm) at the National Art League. Visit Maxine’s website to see more of her artwork and exhibition history. or click here to go to her page on this website.

Maxine is also the founder of an innovative art high school in NYC that she created with a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant in 2003.

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