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Month of March Members' Show
Theme: The Aspects of Time
February 29 - April 2, 2016


Aside from gravity, time is the main component of existence. From the deep time of the entire life of the universe, to the counting of the seconds on the clock, time is everything and everywhere. As artists, how do we think of time? It could be looking at a well portrayed still life of beautiful time pieces such as clocks or watches, or in pondering the nostalgia of cherished memories, or the rushed finish line of a track meet, horse race or the final shot in a ball game. From the vastness of eternal Interstellar space, or personal innerspace where time stands still, two dwindling candles, a new grandmother holding a newborn, or the waiting for a late train, or a seemingly ageless mountain range, TIME provides us ample opportunities to explore what is but can’t be seen. 


See interpretations of the theme below.



Award Winners

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