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Adam Hardy


   Fine art has always been the most natural and exciting form of self-expression for me, and since the late 1990s I have developed my own style of collage. Following on from several years of exhibitions in my native UK, I have enjoyed the challenge and excitement of living in New York. The environment around me brings great inspiration for new art. I also draw on my experiences of traveling abroad with my wife, Marie.

   I enjoy working in a range of genres: urban, landscapes, portraits and decorative art. I wish my work to have a sense of peace and I often aim to achieve a dreamlike state in my compositions, in part inspired by music I listen to when working on pieces.

   Another area of great interest to me is collage portraits.  Early in 2011, I created a portrait made out of maps of the actor and travel show presenter Michael Palin, which I sent to him in London.  He responded positively to me in a message. The portrait currently resides at the Royal Geographical Society.

  I aim to greatly develop my use of texture and color within collage and painting and to experiment with new media.

   For more information about his work, Adam can be emailed at or go to his website:

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