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Ann Bragg


   “What is art? What is not art? How does an “artist” explain the deep personal need to create? Some folks think we work to have something to look at, to save a memory, a feeling or to match the couch. They don’t know the wonderful place the artists go to where the ideas flow freely and the materials work just the way we envisioned. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s magic and that’s why we artists keep knocking on that door. Allow yourself to experiment, then try to make friends with the results.”

   Ann earned her Art and Science degree from Buffalo State Teachers College. After graduation, she studied advanced painting, drawing and printing with Ed Whitney, Carl Molno and Ruth Leaf. She has exhibited her artwork nationally and her work is in corporate and private collections throughout the US. Her shows in the NY area were critically acclaimed in the NY Times, News Day and other prominent publications.    Ann has exhibited her work in solo and group shows and has received numerous awards from: American Water Color Society, Salmagundi Club , Heckscher Museum, Long Beach Museum, National Associate of Women Artists and the National Art League. Her work is currently on display at the Lupine Gallerie on Monhegan Island, Maine.For more information regarding her artwork, contact her at:

516-764-5320 or email her at

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