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Beatrice Horowitz


   I aways doodled in the margins when I was growing up, but the idea of becoming an artist did not aoccur to me. Too impractical! So I worked for decades in psychiatric social work. I kept doodling.

   After retiring my husband and I wandered about North America for a year. In the spring we discovered Ghost Ranch Art School in New Mexico. There I took my first class in watercolor painting.  After two days of "watercolor boot camp", we climbed the hills around us, spreading out in tiny villages, trying to translate light and the atmosphere onto paper. I was hooked.

   Pen and ink stays with me from the doodling years. Watercolor can bring the sudden realization that somehow I've found on the paper the glow I sought. Acrylics offer a new challenge.

   I have studied at Brookline Art Academy, Brookline Adult Education, (MA) Brooklyn Museum Årt School, Columbia Greene College, Chatham Adult Education, Judith Warren School of Painitng in Kinderhook, Cumberland Continuing Education Program, and the National Art League (NY). Thanks to my extraordinary teachers, especially Mary Ann Heinzen, for all those Thursday mornings. 

   Every day I awake glad to have the time and opportunity to be impractical, to be an artist. Email me at:




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