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Cheryl Eggleston


Cheryl’s formal art education is in Visual Communications/Graphic Design.  After working in advertising for a short time, she left commercial art and began to show and sell her black & white renderings.  The devastating loss of her husband and the demands of everyday life took Cheryl away from the art field for many years.  On her retirement, she began to paint in earnest.


Cheryl considers her work abstract surrealism with a geometric twist. Blending these three art styles brings a different characteristic to her work. Although she also paints in acrylic, Cheryl prefers to paint in alkyds, a fast-drying oil paint.

Her work starts with a small sketch. During the painting process, changes occur constantly.  It may take several weeks from the first sketch to the finished painting.  There are usually some elements of the first sketch that appear in the painting, and there may be some surprising new elements in the painting that were not in the original sketch.  Each piece works out to its own end. 


Her work has won awards at the local and national level, and in 2020, Cheryl won the Painting Award at the 6th Annual International Art Rèsilience Exhibition (online) Musèe de Peinture de Saint-Frajou, France. 


Cheryl currently resides in South Florida. 





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