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June 2024


Dear National Art League Members and Non-Members,


The opportunity to view work of artists is always appreciated and this exhibition was not an easy task to select with such a diverse collection to review.  Since it’s always best to view original art in person, it’s a different situation to review work solely online. However, the criteria for reviewing works remains the same.


I was pleased to see such a large blend of mediums here and enjoyed reviewing all the varying individual styles and choice of subject matter.  When investigating each work in depth, I made decisions based on the artist’s clarity of focus, choice of media, content, craftsmanship and technique.  Composition was at the forefront, and I also looked for the work to have a strong visual presence.  If the work was something different than I have seen before, it was even better.


One suggestion I would like to impart is that when you enter a competition, always have the best photograph of your work.  Of course, hiring a professional photographer is the best way to have excellent photographs made.  However, if that’s not in your budget, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet to show you have to capture your artwork better. You work so diligently to create your art and it deserves to be presented in its best light.


In closing, I thank the National Art League for the inspirational challenge of reviewing these works.  I congratulate the many award winners and applaud all the artist for your fortitude to submit your work for competitions.


Keep being inspired by your peers while finding your personal artistic energy.  Best wishes for continued creativity!


Alex Ferrone, Gallery Director

Alex Ferrone Gallery

25425 Main Road

Cutchogue, New York 11935



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