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Don Weber


Although I feel that all art is a visual experience to be viewed and interpreted by the individual without the limitation of an explanation, I have feelings integral to my body of work that I would like to share.


I feel that art transcends beyond the canvas into our lives. It affects the way in which we live, our relationships with others and our environment. To be an artist in the twentieth century and well beyond is a project of one’s life.


All the arts in one way or another, to some greater or lesser extent interprets life. They may interpret nothing more than stirring a sensation.


“A work of art is not a design in spots meant merely to outdo a sunset, it is a richer dream of experience meant to outshine the reality.”


For my artistic life I have been concentrating on different studies of color, lines, and textures, dealing with art as more than just a decoration. I’ve been concerned with all relationships of color, planes and their impact and relationship to each other on the canvas. I try, in my art to induce a visual atmosphere which may compel the viewer to stop, and find pleasure. My objective is to create a sensation that may be both aesthetically pleasing and seductive.


“ For seduction is an emotional attraction, an unreasoning surrender to an impulse to admire, to find beauty, to possess.”


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