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Jaclyn Feldman


  I am a conceptual artist, inspired by the physical and emotional world around me. I use my visual and perceptual experiences to create something original that stimulates interactions of the sensations of self, desire, fear, love, hate, etc. I want the viewer to be drawn in to the emotion of my art, regardless of whether these works are representational, surreal, or abstract.

My earlier pieces were done to capture what I saw, and/or to make a statement. My more recent works are more complex and bizarre. They are apt to prod the viewer to think about what they are seeing and perhaps ask themselves,  "What is that all about?"

I have not had any "formal" training in art, but have, since my late thirties, taken adult education classes and workshops with students and teachers who have taken an interest in my work and critiqued them in order for me to grow and improve. To give credit where credit is due, some of these talented and patient instructors were, Ellen Diamond, Joan Lazarus, Angela Lamanno, Irv Abram, Milton Block, Eva Ulmann, Naomi Diracles, Marilyn Kestin, Nelly Romero, Marcia Levitan, Mary Mendoza, Reina Cohen, Mark Josloff, Ludy Perez, Maria Conte and Eva Berger.

My work has been displayed in the Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery in Dix Hills, The Petite Gallery in Huntington, Lazy Days in Long Beach, Circulo de la Hispanidad in Long Beach, the Hewlett Library, Lynbrook Library, Long Beach Library, West End Library in Long Beach, the Wisser Library at NYIT, Unitarian Church in  Manhasset, and Garden City, Freeport Recreation Center Gallery, Greis Park, Temple Emanuel in Long Beach and other venues.


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