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Joan Laufer


   What could be more challenging and provocative than a blank canvas. I work in oils and I want my paintings to be interesting, painterly and alive with color.

   As a young girl I wanted to be a nurse as well as an artist. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Fortunately,I had the opportunity to accomplish both, although abiding by my parents’ wishes, Nursing came first.

   Painting, has always offered endless opportunities and fed my passion for creativity. My art education began at the School of Visual Arts. Throughout the course of my life I have attended numerous art workshops both in the USA and Europe. I am considered a lifetime member of the National Art League, which could be construed, as rather old, however, I believe that Art holds the secret to eternal youth.

   The instructors who have influenced my style are Daniel Stone (NAL), Chip Chadbourne and Charles Sovek to name a few. At present, and for the past five years I have had the pleasure to study with my friend and teacher Howard Rose.

   My art has been exhibited in numerous group shows, juried shows and one-person exhibitions throughout Long Island and NYC. Currently, I am represented in Fitzgerald Gallery, West Hampton and Tumblety-Howell Gallery, Ocean Grove NJ. It has been my experience that some paintings come easily, while others are a fight to the finish, but all are worth it.

   For more information about my work, I can be contacted at 718-352-2015 or 


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