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Joanie B. Goldberg


   Joanie B. Goldberg has been involved in the arts for most of her life. She has devoted many years to watercolor, collage, and mixed media. She also enjoys experimenting with printmaking and photography.

   Joanie is an artist who has been actively exhibiting her works throughout the New York area, nationwide, and abroad. Her love of adventure, meeting new people, and walking in the footsteps of history has taken Joanie to all 50 states. She has also traveled to Europe, Latin America and Asia. A textured mesa, glaciers, the human form, and life at dawn are great sources of inspiration for Joanie's work, both on location and in the studio. Over the years, Joanie has won numerous awards for her work.

   Joanie's goal was to teach at the college level and she is currently fulfilling that ambition at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Here she teaches English as a Second Language through the Arts to international students. This has been a great opportunity to combine her love of art with language. Joanie has developed this course in which art is the vehicle to teach English. She teaches students the vocabulary of art so they can discuss their own works and those of the masters and contemporary artists.

   She teaches elementary school as well and has inspired many students to create art books which combine images and text. Not only a talented artist and teacher, Joanie also volunteers her time at National Art League. Here she serves as the League's Cultural Coordinator, responsible for booking monthly artists to demonstrate their skills. It is a great celebration of art on the first Friday of each month.

   In addition, Joanie is a published writer and poet, has published many artist reviews, edits reviews, and loves to belly dance. For more information go to her website:


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