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Lawrence Schloss


   I am an abstract sculptor of wood and stone. The sculptures originate from one-man-boulders of marble, granite, canyon rock and river rock purchased from a local landscaper (the boulders are given that name because they can be carried by a single person, one at a time). All of the woods are felled limbs of trees from the North Shore of Long Island.

   My sculptures of stone and wood speak to the inherent beauty and power of these materials. The sculptures often take months, some even years, to complete. The process I use to create my sculptures is deeply personal and often physically demanding; sculpting rock and wood into powerful aesthetic statements requires absolute devotion to each cut. Every one of my sculptures grows from my imagination; I never draw a sketch before sculpting. The entire array of my portfolio is organic,--each sculpture is created at the exact moment that I sculpt. When I begin a new piece, I begin a new part of my life. When I finish a piece, that aspect of my life is gone.

   For more information about my work, I can be contacted at 631-261-2366 or email 


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