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Linda DeRosa


   Linda DeRosa majored in Art at Nassau Community College, where Robert Carter was one of her professors. But her love of art did not start there. It has been in her “blood” since childhood. Her father’s influence and artistic talents inspired her to be a creative soul. Although she did not make art her career, she always had a creative outlet.

   Revisiting watercolor painting at the National Art League with Ralph Acosta was her first attempt to reconnect and carve out time for “it”. “It” is a daily struggle to pursue; this passion of hers. As an artist, she is compelled to keep fulfilling this inner need to create.

   Linda is also a member of The Floral Park Art League and Art League of Nassau County. Her work has been published and exhibited in group shows and juried shows.

   Besides studying with Ralph Acosta and Robert Carter, Linda has studied with Steve Lamposona, Maryann Heinzen, Louise Fucci and Marc Josloff. "It is gratifying to be able to gain knowledge from the many sources that are available today and my hope is to be able to keep putting my art out into the world for others to enjoy".

   Linda can be emailed at

Additional artwork is available at and

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