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P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S   2 0 1 3 -  2 0 1 4

Art Students of Pedro Pacheco -

Group Exhibition 

August 3 - 30, 2014


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PS 811Q Adult Student's Exhibition 

July 14 - 27, 2014


Special Needs Students art included: watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, colored pencil, and collage. Landscapes, still life and flowers.  
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Children's Exhibition 

June 5 - 28, 2014


Children from ages 6 to 13 participated in the show. Mediums included: watercolor, mixed media, acrylic, colored pencil, and collage. Landscapes, self portraits, still life and flowers. Representational and abstract work. See award winners below.
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Pre-College Age Portfolio Prep Students Art Exhibition 

June 5 - 28, 2014


Pre-College art students displayed their portfolio work in the show. Mediums included: watercolor, pastel, pencil and charcoal. See award winners below.
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84th Annual Open Exhibition: 

May 5 - 31, 2014


Juried Exhibition for Members and Non-members. 103 pieces of artwork in the show. All mediums: watercolor, graphite, oil, pastel, mixed media, latex, sculpture, assemblages, colored pencil, charcoal, collage. Representational and abstract work. 

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First Place Winner 

Gail Postal

Fine Art Raffle: 
April 27, 2014


Members donate their own original artwork to be raffled. This fundraiser presents an opportunity for members, their family and friends, and community to bid on and win an original artwork they admire. Raffle tickets are $3 each, book of 10 for $20. You don't have to be present to win. A buffet lunch and international treats are provided.
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Award of Excellence Winner 

Louise Weck

Award of Excellence Winner 

Kyle Blumenthal

Month of March Theme Exhibition: 
March 3 - March 29, 2014


This year's theme: "From a Different View". Member artists were challenged to create artwork from a perspective that was on a different angle, upside down, inside out, behind or beneath. Over 70 pieces of artwork in the show. All media and both representational and abstract work. 


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First Place Winner 

Shawn Sullivan

Small and Big Works Exhibition:
February 3 - March, 2014


Show features artwork a maximum of 12" x 12" in size and a minimum of 30" in size on all sides. All media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, sculpture, collage, and mixed media. Abstract and representational style artwork.


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First Place Winner

Ann Bragg

Student Exhibition:
January 6 to February 1, 2014


 Over 75 pieces of artwork on display by our talented students. All media: oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, charcoal, mixed media.  Representational and abstract style artwork..


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Holiday Exhibition & Sale:
November 25, 2013 to January 4, 2014


Over 100 pieces of artwork on display. All media: oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, sculpture, pottery, mixed media. Representational and abstract style artwork at reasonable prices.


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83rd Fall Members’ Show: 

October 28 to November 23, 2013



The NAL celebrated its’ 83rd Fall Members’ show on November 10th. The reception was a huge success, and many were pleased to see fellow artist members, as well as many friends and family whilst they joined together in good food and conversation to observe each other’s work.

   Every year at this show’s reception, we announce and give out the NAL Life Membership Award for artists who have been members for 25 years. This year we honored Alice Dellapina, Annette Pehnke, Josephine Vargas and Judy Bernhang.

   The distinguished judge was painter and illustrator Lewis Testa. Mr. Testa has studied in fine art illustration, worked as a graphic artist, and even had a hand in designing the Oval Office rug. Forced into a hiatus from his art for a few years due to a stroke that left him paralyzed on his dominant side, Mr. Testa has since made a comeback as a notable pastel artist and instructor. Congratulations to our awarded artists. First Place in the Watercolor category was won by Heidi Harvey with her piece An English Cottage at Castlecomb. Second Place in the Watercolor category went to Marc Josloff, and Louise Fucci placed in third. In the Oil/Acrylic category, Joan Stevens won First Place with her work, After the Storm. Nancy Fabrizio won Second Place, and Grace Su for third. In the Other Media category, First Place was awarded to Vivian Hershfield for her pastel piece, Rocky Coast. Diana DeSantis came in Second Place, and Antonia Layton came in third. We would also like to commend our Certificate of Merit winners: Sieglinde Konrad-Lubbers and Regina A. Volz from the Watercolor category, Don Huber, Beatrice Horowitz, and Howard Rose in the Oil/Acrylic category, and Vicky Kokolski, who partnered with Meg Branzetti, and Nancy Rifkin from the Other Media category. Felicitations as well to the Honorable Mention winners: June Haller and Lynda Spielman from the Watercolor category, Paul David Elsen, Susan Herz, and Robert S. Levy from the Oil/Acrylic category, and Yolanda Rappaport and Gus Rodriguez in the Other Media category.


See sample artwork below. Click on artwork to see additional images.

First Place Winner in Other Media Category

Vivian Hershfield

First Place Winners Group Show:

September 30 to October 26, 2013


   During the month of October, the NAL honored all the 1st Place Winners from our 2012 - 2013 exhibitions with a Group Show in our second floor Gallery.

   The exhibition represented work by seven artists working in oils, watercolor and other media. Some of our winners showed their versatility in media that may have differed from their winning entries.

   For the Drawing Open Exhibition, Mary Jo Anzel showed her winning style with a sensitive study in charcoal of two figures. The 82nd Fall Members’ Exhibition had winners in three categories: Oils/ Acrylics winner, Mun Hee Park, displayed a beautiful rendition in oils of a flower garden. Mary Ann Heinzen, one of our prized teachers, showed three examples of her work with the strong colors and sure hand that won her a first prize in Watercolor. In the Other Media category, Marie Sheehy- Walker treated us to three Pastel pieces that gave us a peek in to her artist surroundings. Our winner of the Big and Small Works Members’ Exhibition, Marie Marsina, gave us three lovely and different pieces that showed her interest in exploring different mediums and subject matter. The MOMMS/2013 Theme Show always delights us with the wonderful creativity displayed by our members. This year’s winner, Stan Jorgensen, showed us how varied his talents are, with work that ranged from abstract to sunlit mums against a deep green forest dell. Another one of our very popular teachers here, Howard Rose, was the winner of our 83rd Annual Open Exhibition, and as always, we enjoyed his wonderfully rendered oils.






























Drawing Exhibition:

September 30 to October 26, 2013


   Compatriot NAL artisans and art enthusiasts alike gathered together on Sunday, October 13th, to participate in the awards ceremony for the League’s annual fall Drawing Exhibition. Visitors were delighted to see on display a medley of drawing mediums, techniques, and subjects–just as invigorating and multifarious as the approaching autumn atmosphere.

     Our distinguished judge for this event was Japanese born artist, Yuka Imata. Mrs. Imata has repeatedly had her work displayed in many of New York’s notable institutions, and currently teaches at the Jackson Heights Art Club.

     Congratulations to Shawn Sullivan, who was awarded first place for his colored pencil piece, “Lemons with Hooked Bottle”. In second place was Beryl Bush with her charcoal sketch, “Lanner Falcon”, and third place went to Robert S. Levy for his ebony pencil drawing, “Sweet Potatoes and Onions”. We also applaud the Merit Ribbon winners: Mary Jo Anzel, Paul David Elsen, and Katherine M. Trunk, and the Honorable Mention Ribbon Winners: Bob Cariola, Karmen Elsen, and Adam Hardy. Our thanks to all the artists who participated, and to everyone who came to celebrate their work at the exhibition. It was a pleasant kickoff to the fall season at the National Art League.

Annual Open Show:

Howard Rose

Small & Big Works Show: 

Marie Marsina

82nd Fall Members’ Show,  

Other Media: Pastel

Marie Sheehy-Walker

82nd Fall Members’ Show, Watercolor:

Mary Ann Heinzen

Drawing Exhibition: 

Mary Jo Anzel

82nd Fall Members’ Show, Oil: 

Mun Hee Park


of March Theme Show: 
Stan Jorgensen


l to r: Judge Yuka Imato,

Award winners: Karmen Elsen, 

Beryl Bush, Robert S. Levy,

Paul David Elsen, Shawn Sullivan, Mary Jo Anzel, Katherine M. Trunk

Teachers Exhibition:

September 9 to September 28, 2013


  We know itʼs September because NALʼs gallery walls are filled with the professional, beautiful works of our talented teachers. They will be there until Sept. 29th, providing the first of the NAL seasons visual treats.

   Bart de Ceglie has many winners in this teachers’ show; the horse titled “Winner” running nose to nose with “Sisters” walking in dappled sunlight. Water colors by Diane Lieberman are excellent, but her mixed media in the window is the real weight lifter of her work. Check out the new portraits on our wall, courtesy of Rob Silverman who has his traditional expertise on display. Susan Herz has a sampling of 3 media on view, the most inviting being the landscape viewed through a bicycle wheel. The excellent “media maven”, Pedro Pacheco has produced 4 mixed media pieces which have a strong spiritual presence, striking in design, composition and tone. Howard Rose has several outdoor gems in this collection. Dunes, grass, water and creamy paint characterize his work. The watercolors by Marc Josloff are studies in pensiveness, “Angel Reflecting” even more so. Shelli Ardizzoneʼs versatility is evident in her showing of oils and pastels, the most impressive being the lady in the gypsy costume. Watercolors by Mary Ann Heinzen are dripping with sunlight and ambience. “The Dinghy Dock” is especially appealing. Don Huberʼs paintings are as firmly in fall foliage as Don is as firmly in control of his beautiful oils. Watercolors by Louise Fucci feature sailboats, flowers and country houses, her talent in subject matter, technique and composition on display here. Our newest teacher, Kyle Blumenthal has chosen large oils and mixed media to exhibit. The three vertical panels of sunflowers are quite dramatic and are part of a 7 panel series, entitled “Lights In The Dark”. Bob Cariola has a beautiful large acrylic panel featuring artists in nature at their easels. Chagall, Cezanne and Gauguin appear to have been Bobʼs recent painting partners and I must say they have found themselves in good company!


Go to the Teachers' page to learn more about each teacher, their class schedule and their artwork.

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