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R. Linda Levy


   My art is inspired by nature and the power it holds over all living creatures. It is sometimes devastatingly cruel and at other times enticingly beautiful. The combination of color, strength and atmosphere touch my emotions and are reflected on my canvas. I am also awed by man's ingenuity, contemporary architecture, monuments, bridges, as well as antiquities I have viewed in foreign lands.

   I paint with several mediums; oil for its rich texture and water based media for its fluidity. Experimenting with different materials has always been exciting for me.

    At the present time I am associated with several art organizations. The National Art League of Douglaston, The Art League of Nassau County, The Long Beach Art League, TriCounty Artists of Long Island and The National League of American Pen Women (recording secretary).

   I have a Bachelors degree from Mills College of Education (Bank Street Collage). My art education started after I retired. I was fortunate to study with several wonderful artists; Ralph Acosta, Pedro Pacheco, Ann Bragg, Howard Rose and Marc Josloff. I also attend workshops that are most helpful. I am the recipient of many art awards and my artwork can be found in private collections around the country.

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