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Rita Wilmers


Rita Wilmers is a visual artist working in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and pen and ink works both large and small. Through my art I have a voice, a purpose. Each painting, each drawing tells a story. My works are an expression of my life experience and thoughts at the time they are created. Love of movement, texture and color are an integral part of my artwork. Incorporated in many of my paintings are recycled materials. I am an “explorer” creating with no boundaries and “mistakes” become joyful surprises.


Highlights of my career include being featured on the hit TV series “Gossip Girl” episodes, “Bad News Blair’ and “High Society”. Twenty-five paintings became part of an art opening of the fictitious Bedford Avenue Brooklyn gallery.


In 2010, several paintings were included in an international exhibition of contemporary artists in the Jinzhijian Museum of Art in Beijing, China. Manhattan Theatre Source selected my painting “Leap of Faith” as a promotional piece for their Estrongenius ’07 festival. The painting was then used as a cover for their published book of plays. I have also been the subject of articles in major NYC newspapers including the New York Post and Art news publications.


To view additional artwork visit my website at: 

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