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CLASS TITLE: Portrait & Figure Painting with Live Model


Instructor: Rob Silverman

Date:  Monday

4 Session Class:

January 17, 24, 31, February 7, 2022

Time: In-Person class 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Cost: $100 for 4 sessions

Classes are non-refundable



Class Description 

Four session class with live female model in elegant costume.

This class will concentrate on painting the portrait in both Head & Shoulders and Figure views in a realistic manner using modern, simplified techniques. Taking advantage of the Zoom environment, genre settings are often used as backgrounds, showing the model in their home environment with various props of interest. Students will paint or draw the portrait from a single pose lasting 4 sessions. The following concepts will be explored and supported by handouts as well as demonstrations:


• The effect of light on the form and how to choose an optimal lighting set-up to reveal the key ‘landmark’ features.

• Creating dramatic effects by massing in the large forms and planes prior to detail exploration

• Compositional guidelines that take the mystery out of positioning the sitter on the canvas.

• Guides for establishing fleshtones that convey the illusion of depth, and produce pleasing color harmony.

• Unique techniques to help convey likeness, expression and personality.

• Use of generic proportions will help the student render realistic proportions of both the head and the entire figure.


The class includes demos, handouts and personalized critique, tailored to the experience level of the student. Oil, pastel, charcoal, graphite and watercolor are welcomed.



To Register and Pay or for questions:


Contact Rob directly at or 347-200-8908

Required Materials


For experienced painters, bring the colors you are comfortable with. Please use Turpanoid as a substitute for turpentine. Beginners may want to try water soluble oils (Lukas Berlin from Jerrys Artarama is an inexpensive option). Light to medium toned (similar to the color of sand paper or a midtone grey) stretched canvas or panel, 11x14, 12x16, or 14x18 preferred. A hand-held mirror is recommended, as well as a View Catcher or equivalent.



A selection of brushes each from 2 (2 brushes), 4 (3 brushes), 6 (1), 8 (1) sizes—Princeton Aspen are a good choice. Please have mostly filberts and a few small rounds.


Paper Towels

Palette; or 12x16 Richeson gray palette pad

Palette knife


COLORS (limited palette† is ok)

Cerulean Blue†

Cobalt Blue

Ultramarine Blue†

Chromium Oxide Green†


Alizaron Crimson†

Burnt Sienna†

Raw Umber†


Yellow Ochre†

Naples Yellow

Cad Red†

Cad Orange

Cad Yellow†

Titanium White†

Ivory Black†


CHARCOAL OR PASTEL (as option to oil)

Canson Mi-Teinte 3 or 4 total sheets (for padding) of middle grey color such as light blue, light grey or wave green or 12x16 Canson pad of various colors of greys (use smoother side of paper)

--sharpener, and/or single-edge razor blades; emory board (works better than sandpaper blocks)

--paper stumps, and paper towels--kneaded erasers--chamois (chammy) cloth

Pastel: Bring our own set of pastels or buy nupastel prismacolor or faber-castelle hard pastel set of 36 (I will also have pastels you can experiment with on hand).

Charcoal: White charcoal pencil and hb, 2b, 4b, 6 (Generals brand charcoal pencils preferred).

About the instructor:

Rob Silverman’s innovative techniques have been featured in American Artist Workshop Magazine and The Art of the Portrait, the official publication of the Portrait Society of America. His work has appeared at Crosby Street Gallery and Spring Studio Gallery in Soho, the Art League of Long Island, Edward Hopper House, The Art Guild of Port Washington, The National Art League, the Lockwood-Mathews Museum, as well as the National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club. Mr. Silverman has a BA from the School of Visual Arts and has studied with Harvey Dinnerstein, Burton Silverman, Nelson Shanks and David Leffel. He is member of the PORTRAIT SOCIETY OF AMERICA, from whom he was honored in their Members Competition. He has conducted numerous classes and workshops in the tri-state area, including the Art Students League as well as the Brooklyn Public Library and has been recognized with numerous awards.

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