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Tim Tak Chui


   Tim has always had talent for art, which he developed as a junior high school student. He actually brought these skills to Pratt Institute where he studied architecture as a young man.

   At the end of 2010, Tim rekindled his passion for art by enrolling in an oil landscape art class at the National Art League (NAL). He studied under the renowned ala prima, plein air artist Don Huber.

   In April of 2011, Tim was accepted for membership at the NAL. He is very pleased that he has found a home at the NAL, where he enjoys ncouragement, guidance and positive feedback from both fellow artists and the instructor. He feels that he belongs to this “master class.

   ”The “Brooklyn Bridge” water color painting was produced as a final project for his rendering class, and it marked his initiation as an artist.

   With brushes and tubes of red, yellow, white and blue, Tim creates painting which for him are true.He hopes to bring as much enjoyment to you as he experiences when he paints.

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