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Veronica Clarke


  Veronica Clarke knew from a very young age she was drawn to painting but did not then have a source to nurture that interest. She married and raised seven children keeping her rather diverted from personal goals. Soon she was introduced to Art Leagues, which led her to study at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and with well-known portraitists Daniel Stone and Daniel Green along with other prominent artists.

   She has won numerous awards and commissions for her oils and pastels. Among the commissions was Kings Point Maritime Academy. Her awards at the National Art League include first and second place. Always looking to something new, Veronica currently attends the classes of Howard Rose. Veronica’s skills as an artist are apparent in looking at her oils. She has achieved with her landscapes the sense of light and color of the impressionist.      Veronica has served as President of the National Art League, and as Treasurer for over twenty-five years. She is also past President and past Treasurer of the Art League of Nassau County.

  For more information regarding her artwork, contact her at: 718-352-8073 or email



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