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CLASS TITLE:  Portrait & Figure Drawing Class

Instructor: Paul David Elsen

Date: Thursday


October 6, 13, 20, 27, 2022


Time: Zoom online class 1:30pm - 3:30pm

​Cost: $25 

Classes are non-refundable

​Class Description

In this first group of weekly sessions, we will break down portraiture and figure through basic layout, contour, planes, values, and the full drawing of the portrait and or figure. Using references of sculptured busts as in the classic art schools, but in a simplified way, we'll learn to observe, pick out shapes, and find relationships within the portrait which will improve our art, whether doing people or other subjects.


A few different types of drawing tools will be used so you'll learn of a variety of ways to render your drawings, including crosshatching with graphite, tonal charcoal, and black (or sepia) and white chalk on tonal paper.


When signed up in advance, I will provide references beforehand, and you can submit your own work for critique by me either at the end of each class or privately.

This interactive online session will consist of a live demo, time to work virtually together or alone, following by a voluntary art share and critique.

All levels are welcome

Required Materials

Any good drawing paper or pad (Strathmore 400 Series , 14" x 17" for example)

Charcoal sticks or charcoal pencils (soft and hard), OR soft and hard graphite pencils (HB and a couple of B's)

Kneaded eraser

White eraser

Safety razor or X-Acto knife for sharpening (OR a strong multi-hole sharpener if one insists and if using graphite or charcoal pencils)

Two fine sandpapers or sanding blocks, one for art, one for sharpening charcoal or graphite

Kitchen sponge

Easel and/or drawing board

Other options discussed during classes




Contact Paul David Elsen at

About the instructor:

Paul David Elsen is an award winning, commissioned artist who works in oil paint and drawing. His work has been exhibited at The Heckscher Museum of Art, The Huntington Arts Council Gallery, The Art League of Nassau County, as well as the National Art League.


Mr. Elsen went to The High School of Art & Design, studying painting under the renowned realistic portrait oil painter and illustrator Max Ginsburg, and took drawing with the late Irwin Greenberg. While at the school he participated in the now-famed "Old Hat Club", an early morning painting group run by those teachers which used live models, with the expectation of realistic rendering (a rarity in the 1970's and '80's). Many top artists on today's scene were also involved in those sessions, and Paul David is proud to consider himself as part of the contemporary Realism Renaissance movement, which in part sprang from that group.


In more recent times, Mr. Elsen has continued to develop his skills, having studied with Howard Rose, Robert Silverman, Dominique Medici, Ricky Mujica, Paul Bachem, and again with Max Ginsburg.


Mr. Elsen has a wide ranging knowledge of art history ranging from the Old Masters to illustration, with special affinity for Rembrandt and Velazquez, and for later 19th Century artists such as Sargent, Zorn, Waterhouse, Mucha, and Klimt.

Click here to see samples of his artwork.

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