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Shawn Sullivan


Shawn Sullivan is a traditional realist painter from Long Island, New York. He paints a variety of

subject matter;  portraits, landscapes, etc., but is known primarily for his classically arranged still life. Although his images are painted using traditional materials and methods, they have a modern sensibility stemming from his imaginative compositions.

   Shawn has known he was going to be an artist since the second grade. His lifelong pursuit of mastery has led to a Bachelors of Fine Art from C.W. Post, a Master’s degree in painting from Brooklyn College, and six years of part time study at the Long Island Academy of Fine Art and the Grand Central Academy of Art. He has also attended workshops in painting and drawing with nationally recognized artists.

   Shawn has exhibited his work in galleries around the country and received recognition and awards in

several juried exhibitions. He is a sought after demonstrator and workshop instructor. He has been featured in magazines and received several glowing reviews.




Telephone: 516-236-6554

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