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Pedro Pacheco
Pedro was teaching an All Media class on Monday from 1:00pm - 4:00pm. His classes are currently suspended.


About the Instructor

Pedro Pacheco is a painter originally from Spain, where he graduated from the Fine Art University at Barcelona. 

His work is exhibited throughout
the capitals of Europe as well as
in Israel and New York. He has received many notable awards.
In addition to teaching art for over 25 years, Mr. Pacheco has been a museum director, curator and art critic. His classes start with the basics of drawing and as student skills develop progress into the use of color with pastels and other media.
For information regarding classes or his artwork call: 646-546-2296 or go to his website.


Artist Statement:


“The Visual Language of Contemporary Art”

   Art as a vision of life as a critical reflection of reality, as an inner need to express this reality being experienced by humans in every season of their existence influenced by the scientific, social and spiritual progress.  Always guided by the values that sustain life: Beliefs, Convictions and References.
   With the line, form, color, light, volume, matter, perspective, and composition, the visual artist creates the content of their inner need, their need of communication, their spiritual need and  need for expression.

   The artist creates truthfully with expressive intensity their own world, either through drawing, painting, sculpture, photography or digital art.

   With all the artist contributes, shaping social reality and culture of our time, making possible the growth and transmission of the same culture and the progress of society.

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