Monthly Art Challenge


Presenting something new for National Art League members and friends, a monthly art challenge. We will supply a new original reference photo each month and you produce a new piece of art based upon it. Your finished work will appear on this page.


We want you to have fun and to challenge your skills. Either copy the photos as close as you wish or change it up to satisfy your own style and approach, whatever you want. Any size and media. This will be a great way to try something new, or give you a project when you don’t know what to paint next, or to break you out of those annoying ruts! There are no deadlines to submit entries any and all entries will be posted regardless of when submitted.


Digital photos (jpegs) of your finished painting should be sent to Karmen Elsen at, and will be posted within a week thereafter. These will not be judged or critiqued so don’t be nervous about submitting you artwork, but you will be able to compare and enjoy how other artists interpret the images. We will post on this page the Current Month's Art Challenge and entries along with the prior month's Challenge photo and entries for your perusal. Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge the painting size and name of the artist.


The Current Month's Art Challenge Reference is below. As always, you can change the composition, design, lighting, colors and make this your own. Photo Reference from The Elsens 

2018 April Art Challenge

2018 March Art Challenge

2018 February Art Challenge

2018 January Art Challenge

May Art Challenge 

April Art Challenge 

March Art Challenge 

Vanderbilt Estate, side of the Main house

February Art Challenge 

Edward Augustus Brackett's bust of Washington Allston at the Met Museum

2016 January Art Challenge

December Art Challenge

November Art Challenge

October Art Challenge

September Art Challenge

August Art Challenge

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May Art Challenge

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April Art Challenge

March Art Challenge

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2015 February Art Challenge

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