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Betty Hamilton


   Betty Hamilton studied art at the National Art League (NAL) in Douglaston, NY since 2004. Her husband, Don, gave her a watercolor set for her retirement and although she had never painted before, she thought this would be something she would like to do in retirement. She was fortunate that a friend of hers also had an inspiration to paint so they both went together for classes at the National Art League.

   Betty has studied with Louise Fucci, Ralph Acosta and Diane Lieberman, as well as taking classes when she travels. She has won several Merit Awards for her artwork and sold many paintings, as well as having been commissioned for several pieces.

   Betty was a member of the Board at the NAL. She was the Recording Secretary before relocating in December to Arizona. She is continuing her art and plans on building a studio/guest room in her new home. She looks forward to painting again soon.    

   For more information regarding her artwork she can be contacted at 928-252-3314 or

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