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"Welcome Spring" Members' Exhibition 
Award Winners
Judge: Nanette Fluhr

April 26 - June 5, 2021

First Place Award
Joan Laufer

Joan Laufer.jpeg

Second Place Award
Teresa Idelowitz

Teresa Idelowitz.jpeg

Third Place Award
Rita Wilmers

Rita Wilmers.jpeg

Merit Awards

Caryn Coville.jpeg

Caryn Coville

Marc Josloff.jpeg

Marc Josloff

Young S Chi.jpeg
Regina Quinn.jpeg

Regina Quinn

Roberta Malter.jpeg

Roberta Malter

Stephanie Reit.jpeg

Stephanie Reit

Young S. Chi

Honorable Mention Awards

Blanche Isabella.jpeg

Blanche Isabella

Robert Levy.jpeg

Robert S. Levy

Lilly Braff.jpeg

Lily Braff

Sheila Blunt.jpg

Sheila Blunt

Gus Rodriguez.jpeg

Gus Rodriguez

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