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Nancy Fabrizio


   Nancy Fabrizio paints both in watercolor an oils. Although she has had a deep interest in art since childhood, she spent many years in a fulfilling career providing assistance to victims of Federal crime. She is now able to pursue her lifelong love of painting.

   Nancy’s artwork often depicts the seacoast with its ever-changing, magical light and delicate hews. Nancy enjoys en plein air painting whenever possible, especially if she is near a rocky coastline and can hear the soothing sounds of the sea.  She loves the fluidity and surprise of watercolors and the texture and richness of oils. Her palette is often filled with the subtle blues, violets and greens of the ocean. In addition to the seacoast, she loves painting various locations in NYC, and has been fortunate to travel and paint in France and Italy and other picturesque areas. The unique light and architectural features of the city and surrounding villages has brought a new dimension of color and shape to her artwork. Whether Nancy is panting a moody coastal scene or sunlit city street, she hopes that her artwork will invite the viewer to be briefly transported to the places that have inspired her.

   She is fortunate to have been inspired by, and to study with, many notable artists, including Beth Ellis, Howard Rose, Steve Lamposona and Mary Ann Heinzen.

   Nancy can be reached at

Additional artwork can be viewed at


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